We are now asking for volunteers to help us put on another fantastic day. Look at the task sheet below, select a task you would like to help with and send through your details to Jo at info@mtbbendigo.com. Great volunteers make great races and it’s also a good way to learn about what it takes to host a major event.

Don’t worry if you haven’t volunteered before as we will give you plenty of guidance

Volunteer Task Allocation + Email Contact - Race Day 22nd of April

Race Day Volunteer Coordinator – Jason Carter

Role (number req’d) When Required Volunteers signed up Email                              Mobile No.
Letter Box Drop (2)Flyers to local residents notifying of event and speed reduction zones. Rim to prepare flyers. 24th of March 1.2.     
Track Working Bees (6-8 per Session)Undertake general trail maintenance; pruning, drainage etc 1 week prior14th and 15th of April 1. Rim Martin2.3.45.6. rim@mtbbendigo.com 0412 479 639
Finish Chute Barriers (4)Book, meet delivery, installation, pack down, drop back to Coates Hire.  Saturday 21st of April from 4pm    
CoGB Banner (1) Collect, put up and drop back to Myers Street Pick Up Friday 20thDrop off Monday 23rd 1.    
Toilet Logistics (1)Book and meet with truck driver Deliver Friday 20thPick up Monday 23rd 1.    
Track Set Up (8)Putting out arrows and markers. Done mostly by bike. SG Res. 7th of AprilRemainder 14th and 15th and20th,21st April  1. Rim Martin2. rim@mtbbendigo.com 0412 479 639
Set Up Race Village (5)Bunting, banners, marquees, etc Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd 1. Rim Martin2.3.4.5. rim@mtbbendigo.com 0412 479 639
Parking Marshalls  (3)Stop people entering Wattle Drive and Shakespeare Streets (2). Maintain flow in Drop Off area at Toy Library. (1) Sunday 22nd from 6am – Midday  1.2.3.    
Start Marshalls    (2 + Commessaire)Assistance with grouping categories for various start waves. Sunday 22 April from 6am - midday 1.  Rim2. rim@mtbbendigo.com 0412 479 639
First Aid (4)Assist riders in need Sunday 22nd 6am – 3:30 1. Todd Foster2. Todd’s Assistant3. Lockwood CFA at DH Road4. Lockwood CFA at DH Road    
Check Points (12 per shift)Man checkpoint, direct riders on the course, assist with first aid if required, communicate with race headquarters, etc Sunday 22ndSG Reservoir Exit – 1Top of Green Loop – 1Spaghetti Junction - 1Road crossing out – 2Checkpoint Charlie - 3Sandhurst Res. - 1Hotel California – 1Road Crossing in - 2     
Sweep Rider (2)Leave after the last rider and ride the 25km course on mtb to Ch Pt Charlie then 2nd rider for remaining 25km. Saturday 25th from 1pm - finish 1.2.    
Pre-Race course check (2) Saturday Night & Sunday Morning 3:30am 1.2.    
Registration Desk – event village (5)Assist with On the Day Entries and Online Entries Saturday 21st from 3:30 – 6:00pmSunday 23rd from 7am - midday     
Toilet and Bathroom Monitor (1)Regularly check that facilities are clean and well stocked with toilet paper. Sunday 22nd from 8am – 3pm 1.     
Bottle run (2)Take/collect riders bottles to/from Checkpoint Charlie by car Sunday 25th from 7:30am – 11:30, collection at 3pm 1.2.      
Presentations (3)Packaging prizes and handing to presenters 12-4pm 1.2.    
Pack Up Race Village (6) Sunday 22nd4-6pm 1. Rim Martin2.  rim@mtbbendigo.com 0412 479 639
Final Pack up/tidy of Village Area (2)Any remaining pick-ups Monday 23rd 1. Rim Martin2.  rim@mtbbendigo.com 0412 479 639
Pull Down the Course (6)Remove all trail markers on the course, done mainly by bike, some by car and foot. In stages in the week to followSunday 22nd – Sunday 29th April. 6.