New course map! So what's different ?

We have managed to secure exclusive access to inside the fence of Spring Gully Reservoir. This will give participants a rare treat with some great historical features along the course and picturesque views across the reservoir itself as they hustle through the first 8km of the course.

Spring Gully Reservoir is owned and operated by Coliban Water and is one of the oldest dams in the Bendigo region and one of the ten oldest dams in Australia.

Access to the Spring Gully Reservoir site is restricted and only provided for limited permitted events. Outside of these events it is closed to the public. No spectators will be permitted into the reservoir site. Only riders entered in the event will be allowed through the check point.

The Novice 15km entry riders will not be entering the Spring Gully Reservoir, instead they will be staying on the on the great green loop area, doing two 7.5km laps.

We have also simplified the feed station and bottle drop with Check Point Charlie servicing 3 points on the course being 16km, 25km and 38km in the 50km loop.

Be warned as there is some additional climbing from the previous few years... this does of course mean more descending too!

In addition we are including new single track with berms and bridges near the finish that will have you grinning from ear to ear as you approach the line!